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From Valued Clients

“Jennifer is patient, easy to talk to, calming and wise. She provides a welcoming environment kinda like a safe space, honest, empathetic, and someone I feel I can trust to be vulnerable, with just a pure sweet soul!”

“Jennifer provides a judgment-free zone allowing each session to be filled with open and reflective conversation. She listens, comprehends, and responds with constructive criticism and adequate suggestions to promote change.”

“Mrs. Jennifer Russ is one of the best counselors around, she has helped me get through one of the most hardest stages of my life! She’s a sweet lady and her spirt is always very high. I would recommend you talk to her if you are looking for counselor who you can relate to.”

“I’m not one to usually open up to people about my problems or issues but when I have my sessions with Jennifer, I feel very comfortable doing so and I also feel a lot better afterwards. It’s helps to have someone sort of “sort though” your thought process. That’s my favorite part about having sessions with her.”

“Jennifer Russ has been and is such a blessing in my life. I have been going to therapy most of my life but for once I have found a woman of God who helps so much in my everyday life. For once I am allowed to talk about how God plays a major part in my life. Jennifer supports me, she supports and is a believer herself. When I needed help knowing what was best for me with my diagnosis of Bipolar she was able to lead me into the right programs that can help me financially and mentally stabilize my mental health. Recently I am dealing with a breakup after being engaged and Jennifer has taught me the blessing of healing. Jennifer also gives me homework assignments to complete and reflect on so that I can actually grow, change and become a better woman overall. When I tell you that taking this step with having Jennifer in your life will be life-changing and beautiful I mean it. Jennifer is always there for me and checks in. In Conclusion, all this to say Jennifer is amazing, and working with her is the best step and thing to do I promise.”


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